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    Fruitmoney is a Russian page that pays in rubles, the minimum is 1 ruble (It is achieved in a while without referrals) is more or less than 0.01 $, without having to put your own money, neither to invest nor to collect.

    How can I win in the fruitmoney project?
    There are many ways to make money in the project, they are constantly new, and the old ones are being modernized.

    The main way to earn is the purchase and development of trees in your garden, the trees produce a crop that must be sold in the market of the system at a fixed rate. You can get up to 35% per month of the cost of your fruit tree.

    In the project there are "navigation sites", where users look at the sites of our advertisers and receive up to 0.07 rubles. for one of such visions.

    The contests and promotions that are carried out constantly in the project also allow you to receive additional income in your balance at FruitMoney.

    For the most active there is a "Leadership Race", which increases the yield of each tree in your garden to 40%.

    You can also get additional income by inviting your friends and acquaintances to the project, for this, there is a "Affiliate Program" of two levels in the project. We pay 7% of all replenishments of your references and 3% of the replenishments made by references of the second level.

    The main points are click ads, daily prize, level up and get referrals.

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