Interested in Investing in a Genuine,Unique &'ONLY RISE' Decentralised Crypto Token?

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    Token: UPDC
    (Previously Upstake)
    A project with a difference

    A great relentless honest working team(responsible for taking/working with STEADY STEPS..Steady steps...they don't even give you even a fixed time lines/frames/....STEADY 'advancment releases) & who preach & practice the SAME!
    The Project & Developments in a nutshell:
    UPDC:'only rise' token whose value never goes down![rises based on the 'inbuilt algorithm in the decentralised system]


    Four strides successfully achieved by the TEAM so far:
    1.Two internal exchanges-Macro & micro.
    These two exchanges update every hour and people/traders sell/buy-trade at the current price.Need to place buy/sell orders every hour!Only All buy/sell is based on BTC.

    2.UPDC is on TRON chain.
    UPS (the former token of has been officially replaced by UPDC(View UPDC on-chain here.)

    3.Relese of which is live now.

    4.(In Progress)Working for the next immediate STRIDE -Release of Exchange 2.0(Where buy /sell trade happens (without restrictions) against multiple currencies like BTC,ETH,BCH,LTC etc.,(No fixed time line,to be is always in steady progession just like the time frames taken for micro exchange and moolah release.)
    ...and many more strides are on the use of top 10 exchanges without the manipulation of ever rising price


    If interested with a min.of $50,you can sign up and directly purchase UPDC tokens (at lower than the present rate)from these following links.


    UPDC Smart contract:

    More about UPDC here:
    (FOR UPDC)

    UPDC is the world’s first cryptocurrency with a manipulation-proof predictable value and uses a unique rise-only concept facilitated in-part by reducing the overall supply through burn events.

    If you look at UP Digital Currency, or the UPDC Token, you’ll notice some very promising arguments for UPDC becoming a legitimate Store of Value. Possibly even more so than Bitcoin (BTC). First, it doesn’t depreciate. Because of the way that the UPDC token works, it is protected against the the volatility of the market. People can’t short it, or manipulate the price. It increases at a fixed, and steady rate. All of which is well defined, and documented in their whitepaper.

    Furthermore, there is a limited supply which slowly diminishes over time through the process of “burning tokens” at the point of transaction. The more transactions that take place, the faster UPDC tokens are burned out of circulation. As the tokens gain utility through the ecosystem, the velocity of use will result in improved liquidity.

    Tokens can only be purchased(for now-before their release of two upgraded auto selling sites-version 2.0 exchange & moolah by July/Aug) through the & their internal exchange and the value of the token currently rises at 40% per month. On June 1st this drops to 30% per month and continues to drop further in the future. Over time as the liquidity, utility and infrastructure improves the rate of increase will drop. You get the highest ROI today because the project is new and still establishing itself.



    UPDC PRICE IN 12 MONTHS $23.75 USD2,419%



    About their 3rd release:
    TRX, UPDC,EOS etc., based.(Decentralised & provably fair.....slots,dice,casino)

    (Note: need to add tron link extension[ ]....its like like metamask)


    If interested with a min.of $50,you can sign up and directly purchase UPDC tokens (at lower than the present rate)from these following links.


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