Fire -Flame Token (Adult Social Network) Airdrop-FREE 2750 XFL tokens!

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    Fire -Flame Token (Adult Social Network) Airdrop-FREE 2750 XFL tokens!
    Flame Token
    has created Sharesome, a new adult social media platform designed for content creators and porn fans. Sharesome allows and encourages verified content creators to advertise their paid sites or camera sites, while fans can discover and share new content in their feeds or themes.
    Register your account and verify the email :
    Verify your email and complete the registration. (+1,000 XFL)
    Join your Telegram group and send your username to your control panel. (+25 XFL)
    Retweet your tweet from your control panel. (+35 XFL)
    Also,App for 'live interaction [for content viewrs and content publishers] & high token reward for downloading app.(optional)
    Complete other tasks from your control panel to receive more XFL tokens.

    Chaoex exchange Give Away!
    2$ for sign up(More 2$ for level 1 KYC)

    Can be exchanged to BTC.

    Idap airdrop(Round 3)--
    FREE 200 IDAP tokens(NO KYC) aims to provide a complete Derivatives Ecosystem for Crypto Assets, offering Futures, calendar & butterfly spreads, options, and swaps among major trading products. exchange also supports spot trading, P2P lending and ETFs. IDAP token holders will get 50% discount in trading and management fees if paid in IDAP tokens. There will be zero trading fee for ICO contributors

    Snuckls---Easy BIG Money with FREE SLOT GAME + Payout Proof!
    Snuckls is Back!
    Easy Money with FREE SLOT GAME!
    SPIN & WIN BIG $$$$
    FREE Spins for watching Short videos.
    BIG $$$ Prizes!
    JACKPOT $250


    FREE 100 SBL &
    Earn MORE FREE SBL in many ways with SplitBall!
    -The World’s First Decentralized Student Economy,
    Built on Blockchain

    New BIG exchange token
    (& NO KYC! Get tokens direct to ETH address within 24hrs!)
    FREE 250 CFX = $25

    Verify your email.
    Fill this form Please be careful in filling the form and following the instruction strictly.
    It's really worth the time
    Submit ETH address and email you used for registration in step 1 above.
    Your ETH wallet address will be credited with 200 CFX within 24hrs.

    CoinFit Exchange Give Away!
    FREE 100 CB (100$)

    Register verifying email code.
    Enable Google Authenticator
    CoinFit is a new generation of crypto currency service providing platform.

    Review Network-Very promising project.
    FREE 150 REW

    Review.Network is a project that aims to create a unique trusted high-intelligence user-company feedback platform based on blockchain and AI technologies.

    Holo Chain Airdrop(HOT)
    Already on many exchanges like binance!
    HOT - Think Outside The Blocks!
    20,000 FREE HOT tokens &10,000 HOT tokens for every person you refer!

    You must follow the steps below:
    Step 1: Join the Holo Official Channel
    Step 2: Submit Email address
    Step 3: Submit your Ethereum wallet address so you can receive your HOT Tokens
    Earn points & 1 point=1 ITC (already listed)
    1 point=1 ITC=0.00003264 BTC!
    IoT Chain (ITC)-VRF+BFT, DAG and SPV technology

    Mind AI Bounty-High potential Project.
    FREE 700 Tokens ($7 & $4/ref)

    Start the bot here: &
    Join their group
    & follow twitter &Facebook and submit details.
    FREE 250 ASK tokens &2500 tokens/ref!
    &Earn15-100 ASK tokens for whatching short movie trailers, commercials and more.

    A decentralized, blockchain-backed marketing platform
    It Pays you ASK Token for your time and data.
    Watch ads.short videos &Get paid.
    Note:If you get 'invalid verification'..just click 'login'->'resend'->confirm email & login.
    If still can't login,use 'forgot pass' and change pass& can login.
    Or you can email the active admin

    Altcoinfantasy Game-Great & Easiest way to make unlimited FREE BTC!
    Altcoinfantasy-----Crypto Trading Simulator
    LOADS of very easy ways to earn thousands of ACF points & Redeem for CASH!
    ALSO,Best Fantasy Crypto Trading Simulation Cryptogame

    Go to the Login tab at the top of the page
    Go to the bottom and find Sign up
    Can register with your Facebook or email.
    Choose username etc.,
    Can complete a tutorial 500 bonus ACF points.
    The game gives you $10,000 in fantasy cash to start your trading experience with.
    ALSO,Best Fantasy Crypto Trading Simulation Cryptogame
    Practice and hone your skills as a digital trader without losing your hard-earned savings!

    Start the contest with virtual cash in USD.
    Buy and sell any cryptocurrency virtually.
    At the end of the contest period, players with the most balance win real prizes and coins.
    Latest Nova token sponsored rewards:
    Top trader (1st place) - 0.5 Ethereum & 1M NVT (200$)
    2nd place - 0.375 Ethereum & 500K NVT (50$)
    3rd place - 0.125 Ethereum & 500K NVT (30$)
    4th place - 250k NVT (11$)
    5th place - 250k NVT (11$)
    Everyone else - 33k NVT (1.5$)
    Daily contest also, unlimited rewards!
    make money for your virtual trades!

    JOIN HERE HUGE & FAIR Giveaway!
    Airdrop-200000 TEX coins
    Already 1TEX =1$

    ALL participants get the rewards in proportion to their entries.
    Just complete as many tasks as possible!

    FREE 1000 DGTX tokens (Now $10)
    Already on mercatox!
    Digitex is a commission-free futures exchange where traders can buy and sell futures contracts on the price of BTC/USD, ETH/USD and LTC/USD with zero transaction fees on any trades.
    1. Go to Select, "Get Early Access" and submit your e-mail address.
    2. Join their social tasks, share and reward the points.
    3. Confirm your mail

    Basic Income Token - confirmed for listing at Altexch Exchange.
    Free $100/Day with Basic Income Token
    100 FREE with sign up+100 /Day!

    Valued by community at $1 so basically $100 Free Daily Income!
    Join Basicincome HERE
    &Can Join Altexch echange who are airdropping their own -100 free tokens ($10 Value)
    Basic Income Token:This is a community driven project which is not doing any ICO
    and has a big vision of eliminating poverty in the world by providing everyone Basic Income
    We are proud to have them as one of the tokens which will be
    traded inside Altexch'------Team Altexch
    Join Basicincome HERE
    &Can Join Altexch echange who are airdropping their own -100 free tokens ($10 Value)

    Can earn UNLIMITED Free BTC ....$1000

    Register here :
    Login with Google/gmail.
    Download App to Withdraw
    Just Read,Share &Invite


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