CAPPERS earns money by following professional sports betting analysts

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    CAPPERS earns money by following professional sports betting analysts

    MyCapper Company was founded in 2014, a team of professional analysts in the field of sports events and sports betting. Due to the rapid development of the betting industry, the emergence of new betting shops and the growing interest in sports betting, the management of the company decided to establish the platform in which Kapper could find application for his professional skills , and users do not lose the opportunity to win at the expense of caper experience
    To date, MyCapper is a platform that collaborates with Kappers professionals and analysts in the field of sports betting. strict criteria in the selection of Kapper, such as mandatory Capper experience at least 5 years, the strategies of each Capper, learning tools for profit - allow the platform to minimize the risks and users always remain in victory.
    With the development of the company and increase our audience client formed Capper teams, each of which has its own bid strategy, as well as sports profile management: football, tennis, golf and others. Each user of the platform has the opportunity to become familiar with the CAPPERS proposals, see their statistical indicators, preferred pricing strategies and choose the equipment that best suits them.

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