Bounty Program for GxCoin, Earn FREE GXC now through August 31, 2017

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    Bounties Program launched by GxCoin - Venture Capital meets Cryptocurrency for Small Business Investing. GxCoin is an Ethereum token designed as a distributed venture capital fund for small businesses.

    Under the guidance of Genevive, the Gx Coin organization will perform audits and score businesses on a criteria that includes availability of basic financial documents, debt, state of litigation, and executive personalities along with analysis of the business plan itself and industry research to determine the eligibility of the business for funding.​

    GxCoin by Genevieve Co. has launched a new Bounties Program for earning GxCoin. 1GXC = $1 USD. Earning can be as simple as sharing our story on social media, or you can earn more by doing more.

    Follow us on Twitter for updates @GxCoinGenevieve

    More info about us:

    ICO Alert
    YouTube Video
    Facebook Page
    Latest Press Release
    Bounties Program
    GxCoin Bounty Program.docx

    Please submit applications through the application links provided in the Bounty Program page.
    When you submit your application, you may be provided a link (if you do not have G Drive).

    You will need to forward that link (your application) to our email:

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    Good work man! I appreciate what you do.

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