Advertising Token--FREE 500 AVT Tokens Just for sign up(1 AVT= $0,276260 )!

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    FREE 500 AVT Tokens Just for sign up!(1 AVT= $0,276260 )
    The AVT token will become a name brand crypto token in the
    advertising world. Once the ICO is complete you will be able to
    purchase advertising on their ad network with many publishers
    websites to show your crypto ads!

    Earn AVT tokens by visiting websites, reading emails or by being
    a publisher and showing members advertisements on your

    An internal and external exchange will be added per the roadmap.
    Both IOS and Android mobile apps are already in the works.

    Streamex(New Advanced crypto platform)AIRDROP
    FREE 1000 STE COIN ( $43)

    Easy tasks- Verify email,Twitter, FB.

    FREE 1700 BXBC for Signup& 200 BXBC for Daily login
    is a new exchange based in Hong Kong and the official partner of Bittrex in Macau, Singapore, and Canada. They aim to become the global digital currency trading platform in Asia

    HYPERIONX(Top Rated Project)--- FREE 7500 HYPE GIVEAWAY( 2nd Round)
    is focused on bringing new innovative products to market, creating waves of interruption within current systems. Development of automated tools to provide efficiency and scalability, from an individual level to a business level. By taking advantage of blockchain technology, Hyperion allows a decentralized ecosystem to be produced, autonomous, without trust or "intelligent market", which gives a new meaning to the free market.

    INMAX Exchange AIRDROP(Already listed 1INX= 0.0027 BTC=10.40$!)
    Need just Twitter & FB

    Carinet Airdrop
    FREE 2000 CIT(15$ ;Already trading)

    NO big tasks.
    Carinet:blockchain healthcare platform.

    FREE 5000 satoshi Daily.No captcha. No need to claim.
    Min withdraw 200k
    We can upgrade even with our free satoshi balance.


    100% Fr-ee crypto!!!
    is the coin of the future!
    It is already listed on exchanges and growing at a rate of knots!!!
    Isibeli is a community coin and sharing the coin amongst the community to help share the word.

    Aevolutionizing healthcare platform on blockchain.
    CarnaLife has partnered with Microsoft to develop a revolutionary telemedicine system that utilizes A.I and A.R technologies.
    FREE 500 CLC (15$) with just simple tasks.
    & 200 CLC (6$) / ref

    Uphold app Giveaway US$500,000 !
    Earn US$20 for every referral ($10 to you and $10 to your referred friend).
    Top referrers on our leaderboard can also win up to $25,000 bonus.
    Also, get early access to new Uphold products.
    $500K Sign Up giveaway!
    Need to download auth app to log in to uphold.

    Encrybit Exchange
    FREE 43 ENCX (8.6$)

    1)Sign up HERE:
    & Go to Airdrop Page:
    2) Sing up with e-mail and ETH adress.
    3) Verify your e-mail.
    4) Complete tasks to get 43 ENCX (8,6$). (Every point=1 token & complete all tasks to get extra 10 ENCX.)
    5) & Every week random giveaway of 20 Ripple to users with 35+ points.
    Encrybit is an exchange company from Hong Kong. ICO:February-April 2019. Team and the company are verified.

    Suchapp Huge Airdrop
    Up to 2 Million SP Tokens Giveaway!

    Coinchase--20$ VALUE of ETH(signup) & 10$ VALUE of ETH + 70 CCH(already trading) + MORE (telegram)
    COINCHASE AIRDROP-CCH (already trading)

    Coinchase - World’s leading community-focused Blockchain crowdfunding platform.
    20$ VALUE of ETH +$20ref and random rewards.
    Just sign up, you will get 20$ value ETH. (It's 0.17110104 ETH now).

    10$ VALUE of ETH + 70 CCH + MORE
    &Get 10$ of ETH + 70 CCH and 30 CCH / ref.

    Already listed on Kucoin, IDEX, HitBTC!

    OriginTrail enables seamless data sharing along any supply chain. The decentralized, blockchain-supported network protocol ensures trust, transparency, and security.

    1) Join here:
    2) Sign up with your details.
    3) Verify your mail and login.
    4) Complete different tasks and earn up to 30,000 TRAC tokens ($600)
    5) Earn 100 entries for each referral.

    Interdax Exchange HUGE Giveaway!
    1st will receive 10 BTC and 1,000,000 IDAX.
    2-10 will receive 1 BTC and 100,000 IDAX tokens each.
    11-100 will receive 0.1 BTC and 10,000 IDAX tokens each.
    101-7,000 will receive 1,000 IDAX tokens each.
    7,001-10,000 will receive 100 IDAX tokens each.

    Must confirm your email.

    Ten million YMC Airdrop
    YMC is a global real estate blockchain cloud platform.
    YMC listed already on ConFit Exchange.
    CoinFit Exchange launches the YMC on December 6th and launches the YMC Airdrop .
    1.Join Here:
    Confirm email & Enable Google Authenticator or sms.
    2.Join the telegraph group: , & submit your 'CoinFit registered email address' in the group
    & Get 50 tokens of the most powerful YMC project.
    The total number of tokens is 10 million, limited.First come first served.
    Tokens will be distributed in five working days after the event.

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