$8 Paypal On Signup- Upto $28 Per Refer !!

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    This newly launched promo allows you to get $8 USD for FREE and earn up to $28 each of your friend for joining #TAGGAngBao.

    Joining in this promo is easy, just sign-up using your Facebook account here at https://goo.gl/WX0TBX

    If you're already a member just put your TAGG email address to claim your Ang Bao.

    To join this event:
    1. Login your Facebook and claim your Ang Bao at


    To claim Ang Bao, click the Ang Bao (Red Envelope) or click Sign Up with Facebook.
    2. Enter your desired username, the username must be UPPERCASE (Use Caps Lock).
    3. After the registration, don't forget to verify your e-mail (Check your Email's Inbox/Spam).
    4. Go back to your Ang Bao again to claim the gift.
    5. If step 1 fail, try to login by clicking "Or enter your existing TAGG email here to see your own Ang Bao" and enter your TAGG email.
    6. Then click the icon image to open the Ang Bao. Congratulations you get Ang Bao, you can also get Ang Bao again by inviting your friend to sign up at TAGG, you can share your link just by clicking the Share with Facebook button.

    Take note that the redemption of the code is on February 17, 2017 via email. You can activate those code by redeeming it on your TAGG account. There, you can keep it to earn more real money every week or withdraw it into your PayPal account.

    So what are you waiting for? Join us, invite your friends and earn up to $28 each of your friends by joining #TAGGAngBao. For those who asking if this company is legit, yes they are legit. For payment proof, search on Google, Youtube or in Facebook about SIX Capital and TAGG. Just visit hashtag #TAGG
    , #PlayTAGG, #TAGGAngBao.....

    Campaign starts Jan 27 and ends Feb 17. Redemption codes for TAGG Wallet Top-Up equivalent to the final Ang Bao value will be sent out after Feb 10 and are valid for 14 days."

    Meaning you get the code after Feb 10 via your email, the one you used to register, should claim it before 14 days expired. The final Ang Bao value can be redeemed on your TAGG account (playtagg.com), there after claiming it you'll see your money in your TAGG wallet, you can withdraw it into your PayPal account or in Bank or keep it/buy it NODES to use as investment to earn weekly.

    "Redemption codes are non-transferrable and tied to the participant's Email and Facebook Account."


    Payout under $1000 are advised to use PayPal, because if you use a bank transfer will cost $30-50 for each transaction. If the payment is made via PayPal make sure TAGG email address and PayPal email address are same, if not, it need to be confirmed via email hello@playtagg.com.
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    This is a scam
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    Legit or scam? any comment about this?

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