How cryptocurrency bounties work?

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    Blockchain-based projects and ALT cryptocurrencies are popping out every day. You just have to keep an eye on Bitcointalk ALT announcement board.
    The developers of these digital currencies/tokens always reserve a percentage of their new currency to be distributed among early adopters and promoters.
    They will pay you for promotional activities like Follow/RT on Twitter, Likes on Facebook, Translating their announcement thread into other languages, writing blogs etc. Bounty is mostly paid in their soon-to-be-launched digital currency, so you'll need to wait till the currency is launched and it is added to cryptocurrency exchanges like Then you can exchange the bounty reward to bitcoin or any other currency of your choice. You may also like to keep the bounty reward and wait for the boom. There have been many times when a new cryptocurrency experiences a sudden rise in its prices.
    Here is my review of a bounty campaign run by ICONOMI. The bounty has already expired since the initial fundraising campaign (crowdsale) of the project finished on 29 September. But this review will give you an idea how cryptocurrenciey bounties work and how you can make easy money by doing small promotional tasks.

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